Live Your Dream Life With Beautiful Teeth Veneers

Just like they’ve done for so many others, Dr. Volner or Dr. Day can give you the smile you’ve been longing for. If you’re tired of seeing a dull, drab smile in the mirror, we can change all that. Imagine feeling comfortable to smile no matter where you are. It’s possible using the power of veneers, which are thin pieces of luminescent material that we’ll bond to the front side of your teeth. They will instantly give your smile more curb appeal.

Getting veneers is a big decision – and one we want you to be completely happy about. So we use our 3-D printer to make a model that will show you what your new smile will look like and actually try it out. If any changes are needed, we’ll make them before your treatment begins.

Below is the process to get your new veneers:

  • We’ll begin with a consultation, during which we’ll carefully listen to your wants and needs.
  • Your dentist will develop a treatment plan to give you your new smile. With your input, we’ll determine the size, shape, and color of your veneers.
  • We’ll use the advanced technology of our 3-D printer to create a “trial smile” for you. It will fit over your teeth to give you a preview of your new look.
  • If you like what you see, we can go ahead and make your new veneers that day with our in-house CEREC system. If modifications are needed, we’ll take care of those.
  • We’ll place your veneers and make any final adjustments to ensure they look and fit just as they should.

Call Volner Family Dental today at 888-787-5718 to schedule a consultation. You can also make an appointment online. Don’t wait any longer to achieve your dream smile!