Relax & Leave Everything to Our Experienced Team

At Volner Family Dental, we’ve assembled a compassionate and caring group of individuals who are dedicated to providing the most comfortable dental care we can. We understand how stressful dental appointments can be for some people, so we go out of our way to give you a positive experience. Getting through even one dental visit successfully will build your confidence and reduce your anxiety about future appointments.

To help you relax, we offer you three kinds of sedation. We’ll discuss them with you and help you decide which one will suit your needs best, based on your level of anxiety and the type of treatment you’re receiving. Your options include:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Pleasant-smelling laughing gas will instantly start working to help you relax. Unlike the other options, you won’t feel groggy afterward.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – We’ll prescribe a small pill that you’ll take ahead of your appointment.
  • IV Sedation – You’ll recline serenely in a sleeplike state, and you won’t experience any of the sensations of your visit.

Call Volner Family Dental today at 888-787-5718 to schedule an appointment. You can also make an appointment online. Give your smile excellent care from the team who specializes in relieving dental anxiety in Bartlett.