Preview Your New Smile’s Appearance Before Work Begins

How would you like to get a preview of what our cosmetic dentistry can do before you make the commitment to have any work done? That’s exactly what we can do with a “trial smile.” Dr. Volner or Dr. Day will discuss your smile goals with you and develop a treatment plan.

Then, we’ll use our 3-D printer to create a model of your new smile that fits over your teeth. You’ll see exactly what the final outcome will be before any work is started. See your new smile without any risk whatsoever. We’ll make adjustments as necessary until you’re happy with the look.

Then, we’ll make your new restorations that day right in our office using the CAD/CAM power of our CEREC system. Since we make your restorations in-house instead of getting them from a far-off lab, we can easily make any needed changes. It simply couldn’t be easier to get the smile you’ve always wanted!

Here are some of the treatments we may use for your smile rehabilitation:

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